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OXARC Response to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Customer Notice Regarding Availability of Certain Products

To support nationwide efforts to combat COVID-19 and to support our suppliers with a critical need for respirators right now, OXARC has decided to immediately halt the sale of disposable N95 respiratory products until further notice. The medical facilities and first responders that we serve are actively in desperate need of these respirators; our suppliers are fulfilling that need. Our N95 respiratory products will be available to the general public once we have replenished our inventory levels.



Additionally, due to extreme demand for other models of respirators, and other related health and safety products such as hand sanitizer, we will be unable to fulfill any new spot, extraordinary or special orders for these products regardless of stock status indicated on our website. OXARC is not authorized by our suppliers to ship certain products outside of the U.S., as they are designed and packaged to meet U.S. specifications. Existing customers with an established history of ordering these products from OXARC in the normal course of business will be prioritized. High volume orders will be subject to further review, and we cannot guarantee fulfillment of requested quantities at this time.

Curbside Pickup and 
Direct Delivery Options


We strongly encourage our customers to follow social distancing guidelines by placing orders for direct delivery or will call via our OXARC Customer eCommerce Portal , or by calling your local OXARC branch ahead of your next visit so we can prepare your order for curbside pickup. You can login or register for an user profile, or visit our Find a Branch page to locate your nearest OXARC branch.

COVID-19 Update from OXARC

Here at OXARC, safety always comes first, and we are continuing to prioritize the safety of our customers, our team members, and the communities we serve. The oxygen that we deliver daily to hospitals, among the many aspects of our business, is a vital tenet of our collective COVID-19 response. We are actively implementing business continuity measures based on the unique needs of the many communities we serve. Please be advised that in such emergencies, priority will always be given to medical facilities and first responders.

  1. We strongly encourage customers to follow social distancing guidelines by placing orders for direct delivery or will call orders via OXARC customer ecommerce portal, or by calling your local branch ahead of your visit so we can prepare your order for pickup. Customers can continue to choose the best way to connect with us -- whether through OXARC’s website, our digitally integrated eCommerce customer portal, OXARC’s team of Account Managers, or our local branches -- as we all work together to adapt to this dynamic environment. 
  2. Because our business touches so many critical industries in the U.S. supply chain, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, food production, water treatment, and power and energy -- OXARC has been listed as an essential supplier by the FDA Drug Shortage Unit, the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency within the Department of Homeland Security. 
  3. To support federal efforts and our suppliers who will be diverting respirators for critical medical use, OXARC has decided to immediately stop the sale of disposable N95 respiratory products until further notice. Medical facilities and first responders are in desperate need of these respirators and our suppliers are addressing that critical need.
  4. OXARC’s domestic gas operations continue to produce and deliver essential products, including oxygen and other medical gases to the customers we serve. We are actively ramping up the production of critical medical gases to anticipate demand stemming from the current COVID-19 crisis, drawing on our experience from peak flu season demand and natural disaster evacuation and response needs. Our network of gas production plants, cylinder fill plants, and FDA-registered medical gas fill plants provides redundancies to ensure efficiency in our continued production and delivery of essential products.

OXARC’s dedicated team members are taking all necessary precautions to combat COVID-19 including: 

  • Washing their hands often and well
  • Following social distancing guidelines, such as staggering or splitting shifts to limit interaction
  • Staying home if sick or in contact with someone exposed to the virus

While every emergency situation is different, OXARC is committed to emergency preparedness. Our strategy is dynamic and multidimensional. By offering extensive resources, strong infrastructure, programs to support team members impacted by COVID-19, and OXARC’s experience with past emergency situations, we are well-prepared to respond to your needs.

On behalf of our entire team at OXARC, we wish you and your loved ones continued health and safety.

Jana Nelson
OXARC President